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This is not about the false world, the world we see in the daylight. This is about the real world, the reality we actually exist in; not the images our logical brains tell us should be there, but what our dark minds really see when we peer cautiously out of the bony parapets of our skulls at the world.

It is about a world of lines. Smooth, dark, moving lines, breaking the world down into all its component parts, and reforming those parts into their true selves, into their real images. Lines reveal the inner hidden life of a thing: swirling beauty, sinuous happiness, sparklike intensity, brittle meaness, coiled menace. Roaring, ragged crevasses of lines, opening up black gulfs across the page. Nerve-thin lines with the tensile strength of steel.

These are the images that accompany us through the day and night, the way we really see the world, our personal vignettes. Lines come to life at last, as we always expected them to, leaping and gliding, lively, sharp-edged, confusing, wildly charming, oddly repellent. And always, eternally, hopelessly, seductive.

-from exhibit notes: Dreams and Nightmares, Gallery Flux, Providence